Thursday, September 22, 2011

.: Layan!! ;p :.

start hari sabtu yg lepas aku dah start tergila2 kn channel 393 One HD , mcm mana aku leh tak perasan channel ni ehh.. sekarang tgh layan citer war of the roses.. kalau balik kerja tak tgk citer ni , boleh gilerrr! huhuhu takde la, tak kn sampai mcm tu kot.. ;)

ni sinopsis dr cerita ni

A daily drama about the crises in the life of a middle-aged couple. Lee Hae Joo is a dedicated homemaker who has already forgotten her dreams and self-value after years of marriage to her salaryman husband, Park Dae Sung. Everything, from his character, tastes, habits, and outlook on life clashes with hers, and she regrets not noticing this sooner. If Dae Sung’s apathetic attitude, laziness and general disinterest wasn’t unbearable enough, he is also having an affair with his co-worker, Bae Yoo Mi

Tiba-tiba boleh minat drama korea plak! hihihihi best! ada kelakar, sedih, hope happy ending..;)

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